10 reasons to soak in the morning sunlight

​Exposure to sunlight in the morning boosts mood, energy levels, and mental well-being. Given here are 10 exclusive health benefits that will compel you to soak in the morning sunlight. ​ Source link

10 psychological tricks that always work

Whether it is winning an argument or making people comply, here we list down some tries and tested psychological tricks that always work in a relationship. Source link

8 easy steps to grow Strawberries at home

Strawberries are one of the best fruits available in winters. From salads to smoothies, they are a star of many dishes. Unfortunately, not many people know that growing strawberries at home is extremely simple! So, here we list 8...

Alaskapx Virus: What is Alaskapox? Concerns surge as viral disease claims one life in the US |

The death of an individual from Kenai Peninsula due to Alaskapox, an infectious disease first detected in 2015, has generated a huge concern among the public, as it is the first case to be detected outside Fairbanks, the place...

Billionaires and their educational qualifications

From Bernard Arnault to Mukesh Ambani, here we list down some of the top billionaires in the world and their educational qualifications. Read on to know more. Source link

​Perfect Valentine’s Day gift for book lovers

A subscription If you have a Bibliophile partner, give them a subscription to a literary-themed subscription box service. These boxes often include new book releases, bookish goodies, and exclusive items related to literature. If hardcovers are a part, it’s...

Experiencing ear popping due to seasonal change? Try these tips to relieve it |

Ear Popping: Care and preventionAs the transition of weather from winter to summer sets in, many people experience the discomfort of their ears popping (opening of ear, as we call it colloquially) , accompanied by the distinct sound that...

How heart attack symptoms may vary between men and women

Unlike in men, pain, pressure, or discomfort in the chest are not always severe or even the most prominent heart attack symptom in women. That's why women need to understand their unique symptoms while also working to reduce their...

Success tips to learn from self-made billionaires

From Bernard Arnault to Bill Gates, here we list down some tips to be successful in life by some of the richest billionaires in the world. Source link

Fat burning drinks to consume in morning

Incorporate these 10 simple fat burning drinks into your morning routine to rev up your metabolism, support weight loss, and enhance overall health. Source link
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Things to learn from Japan’s work culture

Powerful lessons to learn from Japan’s work culture. Source link
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