Holi 2023: Why these traditional foods are consumed on Holi

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This sweet beverage is synonymous with Holi as it is consumed across the country. This delicious drink is made with chilled milk, lots of nuts and spices like fennel seeds, and cardmom. During Holi, Thandai is consumed as a refreshing drink to beat the heat and is also believed to have medicinal properties. The drink is often laced with Bhang, a preparation made from cannabis leaves, which is believed to have mood-altering properties and is consumed for recreational purposes during the festival. Thandai is also considered to be a cooling drink, and the combination of spices such as fennel, cardamom, and rose petals is believed to have a soothing effect on the body. Another reason why we consume Thandai on Holi is because of Bhang is a favourite of Lord Shiva, and thus the drink.

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