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Lord Hanuman is a powerful figure in Hinduism. He is the epitome of devotion, strength, and unwavering loyalty. His devotion towards Lord Rama, and his strength in extracting the Sanjivani jadibooti from the mountain are all unparalleled.
Born to Anjani and Kesari (Anjani putr as he is called), Hanuman jiis known for his courage and selflessness. His life, as depicted in the Ramayana was full of valour, strength, and determination.
Hanuman ji’s commitment to serving Lord Rama is the perfect example of dedication and loyalty. It was out of pure respect and love that Hanuman ji went to great lengths to ensure Lord Rama stayed protected and so did Ma Sita. The tale of him leaping across the ocean to reach Lanka in search of Ma Sita, showcased his extraordinary abilities.

Hanuman ji

People pray to Hanuman ji for various reasons. A majority of those prayers are for gaining strength, courage, and protection from evil forces. Devotees seek his blessings for overcoming obstacles and achieving success in their lives. The most common image of Hanuman ji, the one where he sits near Lord Rama’s feet, shows not just humility and devotion to Lord Rama but also power and fearlessness.
In recent years though, people have been turning to Hanuman ji more and more. Many youngsters who were earlier not even interested in religion or spirituality, now look up to Hanuman ji as an idol. They pray, follow his qualities, and have utmost dedication towards him. This makes one wonder, why the newfound interest in Lord Hanuman and the Hanuman Chalisa?
Well, this is a question that was answered by Rajarshi Nandy, a spiritual teacher and founder of Youtube page ‘Adhyatmika’, in ‘The Ranveer Show’, hosted by Ranveer Allahbadia, recently. When Ranveer asked him why he thinks that the Hanuman Chalisa has an anti-ghost quality, Nandy gives an answer that is not in common knowledge for many.

Rajarshi Nandy and Ranveer Allahbadia (Image: BeerBiceps)

Rajarshi Nandy and Ranveer Allahbadia (Image: BeerBiceps)

Nandy explained how Hanuman ji is one of the deities who are excellent in the realm of protection. Lord Hanuman and Lord Bhairava, he shared, are two deities who protect their devotees to every extent they can. The reason why the pleas for strength and protection reach Hanuman ji faster is because he lives closer to the Earth as compared to others.
He further shared how Hanuman ji is immortal and chooses to continue living near the Earth plane as compared to other deities. So, your pleas and your devotion reach him faster than it does to any other God!
Now, the next question emerges– how much does Hanuman ji help his devotees? To this, Nandy explains that if you ask Hanuman ji for riches and wealth and success, that is not the area he has much interest in, but, if you ask him for courage, strength, protection and valour, and you ask that with a pure heart, then your prayers will surely be answered.

Hanuman ji

He then shared how the Hanuman Chalisa is an excellent way to invoke the blessings of Lord Hanuman. In fact, it is not even very difficult to get Hanuman ji’s attention towards you!
Nandy explained how just reciting Hanuman Chalisa, 108 times for a period of time with utmost concentration and devotion can give you fruitful results. Combining the recitation of Hanuman Chalisa with taking Lord Rama’s name is proven to be even more beneficial for Hanuman ji as he is a disciple of Lord Rama himself.
In the end, if one keeps reciting the Hanuman Chalisa with faith and devotion, along with following celibacy and some of Hanuman ji’s traits, they can always have his blessing and protection. It can be protection from anyone, physical disease, evil intent of others, negative spirits, whoever it may be, Hanuman ji will always be present to protect you.

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