54th CISF Raising Day: History, Purpose, Celebration and Everything you need to know

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The Central Industrial Security Forces or CISF is one of the six paramilitary groups in India that comes under the supervision of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The CISF is the nation’s primary armed police force, with its headquarters in Delhi. The CISF was founded in 1969. Since then, India has observed March 10 as CISF Raising Day. Everything you need to know about the CISF Raising Day is as follows:

What is CISF?

The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) is India’s central armed force. CISF was founded in 1969, but on June 15th, 1983, it became what it is today. Safeguarding key government structures and the Delhi Metro are among the CISF’s main responsibilities. Also, it is essential for providing airport security.

History of CISF

When an Act was passed by the Indian Parliament, the CISF was founded on March 10th, 1969. Under the CISF Act, the CISF was established with three battalions. To safeguard the nation’s industrial installations, the Central Industrial Security Forces were created. Another act of Parliament, passed on June 15, 1983, established the CISF as an armed force. The responsibility of the CISF involves enhancing security at critical government installations as well as other significant institutions.

Significance of CISF

The CISF seeks to protect the nation’s airways, shipping routes, and other important infrastructure. One of the significant and distinctive organisations among India’s paramilitary forces is the CISF. Almost 300 locations, including airports, nuclear and space stations, and seaports, are currently covered by the CISF. The Delhi Metro is additionally covered in security by the CISF.

54th CISF Raising Day: Everything you need to know

Central Industrial Security Force’s duties

The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) is responsible for guarding nuclear power plants, mines, oil fields and refineries, space installations, important ports, airports, hydroelectric/thermal power plants owned and controlled by Central Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs), as well as currency note presses that print Indian currency. Offers protection for over 300 industrial facilities and government infrastructure projects around the country. Additionally, it offers consulting services to businesses in the private sector and various government agencies in India. A few CISF battalions assist the police in upholding law and order. The CISF’s fire wing provides assistance when industrial accidents occur. Not only this CISF in collaboration with Defence Security Corps (DSC) provides security at India’s nuclear laboratories and DRDO establishments.

How is CISF Raising Day Celebrated

For their unselfish devotion, the CISF members receive medals, and the authorities even organise a parade. There are organised demonstrations of martial arts and specialised strikes. The CISF Raising Day is crucial for increasing public awareness and educating people to work more cooperatively with CISF personnel to protect critical institutions. To maintain the nation’s peace and security, cooperation with CISF personnel is crucial.

54th CISF Raising Day: Everything you need to know

Central Industrial Security Force To Celebrate Raising Day In Hyderabad

On March 12, Hyderabad will host the Central Industrial Security Force’s (CISF) annual Raising Day celebrations. This will be the first time, according to officials, that the CISF would celebrate “Raising Day” outside of the national capital of New Delhi. The annual event will be conducted outside of Delhi for the first time, according to a senior CISF officer. It was previously hosted at a CISF facility in Ghaziabad, a suburb of Delhi. “The National Industrial Security Academy (NISA) in Hyderabad will host the celebration this time. The primary guest on this occasion would be Union Home Minister Amit Shah “He stated.

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